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Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Organization and Leadership

  • Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

  • Leadership in Urban Contexts

  • Schools, Community, and Society

  • Educational Leadership for Social Justice

  • School Discipline, Climate, and Trauma

  • Data-based Decision-Making

  • Legitimation of Power in Organizations & Society

  • Race & Diversity in Higher Education

  • Introduction to Public Scholarship and Community Engaged Learning

  • Introduction to Sociology

  • Race & Ethnicity

  • History of Social Movements

  • Personal Responsibility and Manhood

  • Working With Diverse Families


Nurturing Is Not Enough: A Case Study on
Social Justice, Caring, and Discipline

A critical perspective on the use of the  trauma narrative in American schools

Disciplinary Third Spaces in a Social Justice High School

A Humanizing Approach to Improving
School Disciplinary Culture

Social Justice Educators:
A Note on Your Authority and Power

Getting Cursed Out for Social Justice:

On Handling Verbal Assaults With Humanity

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